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PERS on the Move

PERS and representatives of Mississippi Deferred Compensation Plan & Trust (MDC), are available to provide local PERS on the Move presentations to employees of PERS-covered agencies. These events may take place during or after work hours, according to the employers' preference and availability of PERS and MDC staff.

PERS on the Move presentations do not provide individual counseling sessions. Members who prefer an individual counseling session may call the PERS Customer Service Center at 601-359-3589 or 800-444-7377 to schedule an appointment with a PERS representative.

Schedule a PERS on the Move

Employers interested in hosting a PERS on the Move presentation may submit a request below. The requestor will be contacted by a PERS representative for scheduling and finalizing details of the PERS on the Move. When selecting a start time for your PERS on the Move presentation, please allow at least two hours for the entire presentation.​​​​

​​PERS Representatives

Employers may schedule a visit from a PERS representative to provide staff with on-site presentations about retirement procedures, use of forms, and the effect of legislation on retirement law, policy, and regulations. These representatives also offer one-on-one sessions with the employer, as needed. The PERS representatives are available by appointment to accommodate each employer's schedule.

To schedule a visit from a representative, call 601-359-3589 or 800-444-7377 or e-mail retirementeducation@pers.ms.gov.

PERS Employer Training

PERS Employer Training is held throughout the year to provide information to personnel who are responsible for the administration of benefits and the reporting of wage information for covered employees. Employers will be notified through eUpdates, electronic newsletters, and the PERS website of training dates and times.

Employers who have questions about reports submitted to PERS, or about PERS in general, should contact PERS at 601-359-3589 or 800-444-7377 or e-mail retirementeducation@pers.ms.gov.

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Determining a Member's Eligibility

PERS-covered employers are responsible for properly assessing whether an employee is eligible for membership in PERS. However, PERS has provided a convenient questionnaire in MyPERS Reporting to help in this determination. Employers are also encouraged to reference PERS Board Regulation 36, Eligibility for Membership in the Public Employees' Retirement System of Mississippi (PERS), and PERS Board Regulation 37, Eligibility of Student Employees for Membership in Retirement Annuity Coverage.

Certifying Leave to PERS