Welcome to PERS

The Public Employees’ Retirement System of Mississippi (PERS) p​roudly serves the state of Mississippi by providing retirement benefits for individuals working in state government, public schools, universities, community colleges, municipalities, counties, the Legislature, highway patrol, and other such public entities. These retirement benefits not only help recruit and retain a strong public workforce in Mississippi, they help stimulate local economies in every county in the state and help reduce the need for social assistance.

Five Fast Facts about PERS

PERS is an investment in the future of our members and our state. Click the image below to read five facts about PERS.




PERS experiencing processing delays of retirement applications

Due to issues with our current account management software, PERS is experiencing lengthy processing times, which has resulted in a backlog of retirement applications. We are working as quickly and diligently as possible to process these applications. Unfortunately, this means that many members who have filed for retirement are experiencing significant delays in finalizing their paperwork.  Read more.