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Retirement Plans

Defined Benefit Plans

Public Employee's Retirement System of Mississippi (PERS)

PERS was established in 1952 as the retirement system for state agencies, as well as counties, cities, and other participating political subdivisions.

PERS Member Handbook

Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol Retirement System (MHSPRS)

MHSPRS was established in 1958 as the retirement system for all of the sworn officers of the Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol who have completed a course of instruction in an authorized Highway Patrol Training School on general law enforcement.

Supplemental Legislative Retirement Plan (SLRP)

Established in 1989, SLRP provides supplemental benefits, in addition to PERS benefits, to all members of the Mississippi Legislature and the Lieutenant Governor.

Municipal Retirement Systems (MRS)

MRS are closed plans administered by PERS since July 1, 1987, in coordination with the governing authorities of the respective cities.

Defined Contribution Plan

Optional Retirement Plan (ORP)

ORP is a defined contribution plan made available to eligible institutions of higher learning teaching and administrative faculty in Mississippi.

Voluntary Supplemental Tax-Deferred Savings Plan

Mississippi Deferred Compensation (MDC)

MDC is a voluntary supplemental tax-deferred retirement savings plan offered through PERS to all state employees, elected officials, employees of participating political subdivisions, and independent contractors of the state or participating political subdivisions.