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Benefit Estimate Calculator​​

This calculator generates an unaudited estimate of your future benefits, which should not be relied on for purposes of retirement planning. Your actual retirement benefits will be based on an official PERS estimate, calculated by PERS under the provisions of the applicable law using the actuarial assumptions in effect at the time of your retirement. If you are within one year of retirement or would like a more comprehensive estimate than what is generated here, please contact PERS for an official estimate.

The accuracy of the estimate will depend on how closely the data you enter matches your actual data used to calculate an official PERS estimate. You may want to use your most recent Annual Member Statement to help you in entering data for the estimate.​

Benefit Estimate Calculator

Tax Calculator

This calculator is provided for your convenience to help you estimate the federal taxes withheld from your PERS retirement benefit. Before using this calculator, you will need to complete the worksheet associated with IRS Form W-4P.

Tax Calculator

Refunded Service Purchase Calculator

You may purchase optional service credit at actuarial cost or repay refunded contributions and interest to reinstate withdrawn service credit either through a direct payment or through an eligible rollover distribution.

Before you begin your payback, you will need to obtain an official refund payback cost by contacting PERS.

The cost to repay a refund includes the gross amount of the refund plus non-refundable interest for each year beginning with the date of the refund, based upon rates established by the PERS Board of Trustees.

You must return to covered service after the date of your most recent refund to reestablish membership and to be eligible to repay a refund. Upon payment, purchased service credit will be reinstated when you become vested.

Service credit may not be purchased after you retire, and beneficiaries are not eligible to purchase service credit on behalf of a deceased member.

This calculator is provided for your convenience to help you estimate the cost of purchasing service credit. For more information on purchasing service credit, please see PERS Member Handbook.

Refunded Service Purchase Calculator