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This is an archive of the last five years of PERS Legislative Summaries. Use the following drop-box menu to locate and view a PDF summary of PERS-related legislation for the selected year. The PDF summary will open in a new browser tab.


Pending - 2018 Legislative Session ​

There is no 2018 PERS-related legislation pending.

Passed - 2018 Legislative Session

HB 1581 - John Read

Appropriation; Public Employees' Retirement System

H​B 1617​ - John Read​

Appropriation; additional for various state agencies for Fiscal Year 2018


​Dead - 2018 Legislative Session

HB 157 - Noah Sanford

State agency travel; direct Department of Finance and Administration to advertise and enter into contracts for additional vehicle rental services 

HB 160 - Orlando Paden

Critical Teacher Shortage Area License; create alternative license to be issued for educators who teach in designated areas of

HB 251 - Randy Rushing

Forfeiture; PERS members convicted of job-related felonies shall be terminated from System

HB 260 - Tom Miles

Trooper training class; require Legislature to appropriate funds in 2018 and 2019 to defray expenses of

HB 262 - Tom Miles

Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol and Bureau of Narcotics; increase salaries by $2,500 for sworn officers

HB 264 - Jody Steverson

Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol; increase salaries of sworn officers by $5,000

HB 270 - Randy Boyd

PERS, no retiree shall receive allowance from while under contract with state agency as a consultant or advisor

HB 283 - Tom Miles

Appropriation; Department of Public Safety for highway patrol trooper training class

Introduced in House Appropriations, 01/02/2018

HB 306 - Bryant Clark

PERS; allow retirees to teach in critical needs areas and work full time and receive full salary for three years

HB 353 - Jeff Smith

School board members; increase annual salary of and remove prohibition on membership in PERS

HB 408 - J.P. Hughes

Legislature; allow retired teachers to receive a retirement allowance while serving as a member of

HB 520 - Trey Lamar

Retirement; allow vested members of PERS to purchase creditable service for service with non-PERS employers

HB 582 - Charles Young

Public employees; exempt from bad check fees caused by error in direct deposit made by their employer or retirement system

HB 636 - Earle Banks

Legislature; allow PERS retirees to receive retirement allowance while service as a member of

HB 659 - Earle Banks

Retirement; county board attorneys and city attorneys shall be members of PERS regardless of hours/week worked

HB 689 - Steve Hopkins

School districts; provide incentive to rehire retired teachers who may continue to draw retirement benefits

HB 837 - Donnie Bell

Relating to prohibit the Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS) and the Treasurer's Office from having direct or indirect holdings in companies that boycott Israel or engage in a boycott of Israel

SB 2107 - Gray Tollison

Retirement; persons convicted of certain felonies shall forfeit benefits from PERS, SLRP, and MHSPRS

SB 2168 - Robert Jackson

Unused leave accumulated by teacher who transfers to another school district; may be credited for retirement purposes